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Make construction work less dangerous

Construction work is dangerous activity. To make it less dangerous the law in New York requires that owners and contractors provide appropriate safety devices to prevent gravity-related accidents like falls from ladders or scaffolds, or objects falling on workers. Unfortunately, on many jobs in which owners or contractors employ undocumented workers, abuses abound and workers… (keep reading)

The Labor Law of the State of New York

The Labor Law of the State of New York attempts to ensure worker safety by putting the responsibility for safety on owners and contractors who control the work site. The law states: “All contractors and owners and their agents… in the erection, demolition, repairing, altering, painting, cleaning or pointing of a building or structure shall… (keep reading)

TBI linked to attention deficit hyperactive disorder

Accident victims suffering from traumatic brain disorder may face a number of physical and health problems throughout their lifetimes. Researchers, in addition to finding new methods to treat traumatic brain disorder, are also learning about new afflictions caused by this condition. A new study published in August in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, for example,… (keep reading)

Bus driver cited in Queens crash

Transit accidents involve numerous factors such as negligent motorists, defective equipment, property damage and illegal driving. A recent accident in Queens may involve all of these issues. A bus owned by Resorts World Casino slammed into a three-story building on Woodhaven Boulevard while trying to avoid another vehicle making a sharp turn on 63rd Avenue… (keep reading)

What happens after the death of a loved one?

Coping with the death of an immediate family member involves indescribable emotions of loss. While not as obvious, these deaths also leave family facing practical but serious issues concerning the loss of financial support needed to pay for housing, education, medical expenses and other lifestyle needs. These abrupt changes can be extraordinarily unexpected and follow… (keep reading)

Federal government announces transit safety plan

The Federal Transit Administration found that recent mass transit accidents, particularly those investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board, have uncovered deficiencies in the safety performance of critical systems, equipment, procedures, management systems and oversight. While the performance of this industry remains strong, however, new rules are required to address these deficiencies and the growing… (keep reading)

Can damages be awarded for pre-death terror?

Wrongful death actions in New York provide for specified damages to family members who suffer the loss of a loved one as a result of another person’s negligence. These damages generally include fair and just compensation for pecuniary or financial injuries such as loss of support, voluntary assistance, possible inheritance and medical and funeral expenses…. (keep reading)

Brain injuries require prompt action

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has designated traumatic brain injury as a serious public health problem in this country accounting for 30 percent of all injury deaths. Falls were the major blame for TBI and being hit by a blunt object was the second leading cause, while motor vehicle crashes was third…. (keep reading)

What laws govern injured construction workers?

Building occupants and guests are not the only negligence victims entitled to institute a premises liability lawsuit in New York. Under the state’s Labor Law, contractors and building owners must assure that safety devices are installed or used to protect workers against the harm that can be inflicted through the force of gravity. These protections… (keep reading)

Mark Epstein quoted in Newsday

Schumer: Put Long Islander on Amtrak board

Mark Epstein quoted in Newsday

How some of MTA’s extra $40M could improve the LIRR

LIRR replacing missing cushions on some train seats

Long Island Rail Road riders can take a load off on a few extra seats — at least until a conductor asks them to move. The LIRR, responding to complaints from a commuter watchdog group, is replacing missing or damaged cushions on flip-down seats on dozens of electric train cars. In December, the LIRR Commuter… (keep reading)