Improper Construction Cleanup And Maintenance Lawyers in NYC

Construction debris is a necessary result of ongoing construction work.  Buildings undergoing revocation, alteration, repair, or demolition create a great deal of waste including dirt, glass, nails, concrete, rock, sand, wood, sheet rock, bulk metal, hazardous waste, scrap metal, and any other unwanted material from a construction site. However, while construction debris does result from work on construction sites, it must always be cleaned up so as to avoid causing workers injuries on the job.  Unfortunately, sometimes property owners, contractors and others don’t focus on proper cleanup and maintenance of construction sites.

Construction site maintenance includes the safeguarding of a construction site for construction workers, contractors, third party guests, visitors, and pedestrians. Proper construction site maintenance requires construction site supervisors to maintain a site free of unreasonable dangers. This includes the proper maintenance of tools, equipment and keeping the site clear of dangerous debris. By law and New York State code it also requires owners and general contractors to maintain worksites and passageways on worksites free and clear of debris and other protrusions and tripping hazards which can represent a danger to workers on site.

The improper cleanup and maintenance of a construction site can cause serious injury or death. Every year thousands of New York City construction workers, independent contractors, employees, and others are hurt from the improper cleanup and maintenance of construction sites. If you are injured on a job site you can face debilitating medical bills, lost income, unemployment, possible disability, disfigurement, and substantial pain and suffering for a life-time.   

Fortunately, the New York Industrial Code, Labor Law, and general negligence law protect workers in the event of accidents caused by unsafe working conditions and dangerous construction sites. If you have been injured at a construction site because of debris or other unsafe working conditions, you likely have a claim for damages beyond the normal Worker’s Compensation Claim. New York Labor Law Sections 200, 240, and 241(6) provide strong rights to workers hurt on construction sites. It is imperative you contact a New York Construction Accident Lawyer soon to access your claim for damages. 

Common Construction Site Improper Cleanup and Maintenance Accidents

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