Three People Indicted in Brooklyn Excavation Fatality

Three People Indicted in Brooklyn Excavation Fatality

Multiple indictments were announced by the Brooklyn District Attorneys’ office last Tuesday in reference to a fatal excavation accident. According to The City, a civil engineer pleaded guilty in connection to the death of Luis Sánchez Almonte, a construction worker who was killed in a retaining wall collapse at a Brooklyn construction site in September 2018. 

Investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration revealed that the engineer had prior knowledge of the wall’s instability, due to heavy rainfall occurring the day before. The construction company operator and foreperson present at the time of the accident also face charges for refusing to stop work after repeated warnings of hazardous ground conditions from other workers and adjacent property owners. 

Tragic accidents like these are precisely why New York has such strong construction safety laws in place, to protect workers from the devastating accidents which occur when owners and contractors put speed and profit over the safety of workers. Our hearts go out to the family and loved ones who are still grieving this devastating loss.

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