Brain Injury

Charges Are Dropped, and Identity of Accuser, Shrouded by City, Is Sought

For five years, Kenneth Creighton was held in jail, suspected of involvement in the killing of a bystander outside a bodega in the Bronx. In 2012, the charges were dropped. Mr. Creighton was released from Rikers Island. He has since filed a lawsuit against New York City for false arrest and malicious prosecution, and has… (keep reading)

After 5 Years on Rikers Island and No Trial, Bronx Man Sues for Lost Years

Kenneth Creighton spent five years on Rikers Island awaiting a trial that never happened and now he’s suing the city for compensation for those lost years. “You feel like a walking dead person, accused of everything you didn’t do,” said Creighton, who lives in the Bronx. “Yet you have to deal with the punishment and… (keep reading)

Tragic death of college football QB may have ties to brain injury

The links between football, concussions and, ultimately, terrible brain conditions have been rapidly forming over the past decade. Concussions had always been an injury football players sustained; but not until recently were the serious consequences of the injury fully known. The sport has been under siege ever since these consequences became common knowledge. Now, more… (keep reading)

NFL pays $765 million in head injury settlements

Professional football is a national pastime in the United States. Teams from New York to Miami, and Boston to San Diego, are intently watched from televisions, Internet web casts and stadium seats by millions of people. Yet what viewers often forget is that each collision could be a significant head injury in the making. In… (keep reading)

Head injuries may triple younger people’s risk for stroke

Head injuries, even seemingly minor ones, can be life altering. Sometimes the effects are not entirely obvious. A once social person may begin withdrawing more and more, becoming something of a recluse. Someone who was once calm and easy-going may develop a hair-trigger temper and a sudden irritableness. Whatever the changes, they can begin to… (keep reading)

New research sheds light on brain injury susceptibility

A traumatic brain injury is often a life-altering event. Those who are affected are sure to be interested in any news of increased understanding on the mechanics of how the brain is changed after such injuries. New Yorkers should take note, then, of new research that could potentially lead to increased recovery of the brain… (keep reading)

U.S. citizens suffer traumatic brain injuries every 21 seconds

One of the most serious injuries a victim can suffer following a car crash or slip-and-fall accident is a brain injury. Brain injuries can result in lifelong complications for victims and they may suffer loss of appetite, headaches, speech impediments and memory loss — along with a myriad of other symptoms. These lifelong complications may… (keep reading)

Brain injury research may alter transfusions for those afflicted

Though physical activities, like sports, may showcase the durability of the human body, we are actually quite fragile. A seemingly minor blow to the head can cause a significant brain injury that might result in headaches, memory loss or permanent disability. While the risks associated with a brain injury are quite severe, there are also… (keep reading)

Direct brain recording may help sufferers with memory loss

Traumatic brain injuries can occur in a number of ways. An individual can suffer a brain injury in a car accident, a slip-and-fall and in a fight. However, no matter how one receives such an injury, the results can be sadly similar. Brain injury sufferers may experience headaches, memory loss and a whole host of… (keep reading)

Research delves into effects of mild traumatic brain injury

Most of the time when individuals talk about traumatic brain injury they discuss severe cases. In these instances, sufferers may have severely damaged motor skills and may have a whole host of other problems that are quite obvious, such as memory loss and headaches. However, new research is showing that moderate and mild traumatic brain… (keep reading)

What are the symptoms of a brain injury?

It is a sad reality that many who are in an accident suffer a head injury. Though this may cause initial pain, accident victims and their families may be left wondering whether a traumatic brain injury has been suffered. However, without closely watching one’s symptoms, it may be difficult to catch such an injury, which… (keep reading)

Brain injury has lasting impact

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that traumatic brain injury is a major cause of death and disability in this country. TBI was attributed to approximately 30 percent of all injury deaths according to the CDC. Daily, 138 persons die in this country from TBI-related injuries. Causes of TBI include a bump,… (keep reading)