Staircase & Stairway Accidents Lawyer in NYC

Most stair-related accidents wouldn’t have happened were it not for carelessness or lax property maintenance. Elements that make a staircase unsafe include uneven steps, rotting wood, loose railings, inadequate lighting, obstacles in the stairway, slippery surfaces, improper stair height, and building code violations. The property owner is responsible for maintaining all parts of a staircase and making sure stairs comply with accepted building standards. Failure to do so can result in deadly staircase accidents.

Staircase Accident Injuries

Falling down a flight of stairs is no minor accident. Such a scenario can cause serious and even fatal personal injuries. Victims of stairway accidents may face lifelong disabilities or emotional scarring. Some may never be able to return to their previous jobs, in addition to facing extraordinary medical expenses. A personal injury lawsuit can be a wise option for victims with serious injuries such as:

Staircase accident injuries can result in extensive medical bills, rehabilitation costs, live-in care, and numerous other damages – not to mention the emotional distress of such an incident. Our law firm strives to help victims of such accidents. We know how damaging these falls can be and how much they may affect your family and future. We want to help you pursue just compensation from the landowner who could have prevented your accident, but didn’t.

Do You Have a Premises Liability Claim?

Stair-related accidents fall under premises liability law in New York. Stairways need proper care and maintenance to operate as they should for users. Landlords, property owners, and commercial building owners are responsible for making sure stairways in their buildings are safe and built to code. Too many negligent parties don’t take these duties seriously, ultimately leading to unnecessary accidents and preventable injuries.

To sue a landowner for a faulty staircase, you must file your claim with the civil courts of NYC. Your claim must describe what happened to you, where it occurred, who you believe is liable, the extent of your damages, and how much you’re asking. The lawyers at Pazer, Epstein, Jaffe & Fein, P.C. can help you fill out the correct paperwork and submit it within the deadline. We can also help you maximize compensation through high-quality litigation and sound legal advice. To start with a free consultation, reach out to our team.