Wrongful Death

Many people think they have “full coverage”….

“Many people think they have “full coverage” when they talk about their automobiwww.pazerandepstein.comle insurance, but they don’t really know what “full coverage” means.  One extremely important part  of automobile insurance coverage people often fail to maximize is called Underinsured Motorist Coverage and it is one of the most important and least expensive items of coverage… (keep reading)

Boogaard wrongful death suit poses question of inherent risk

Many New York residents know the name Derek Boogaard; if not because they are hockey fans, then because his name has been in local news, on and off, for the past two years. Boogaard’s story is a tragic one, a man who loved hockey and fulfilled a niche role on the ice as an “enforcer:”… (keep reading)

Report suggests intoxicated pedestrians have become an issue

Pedestrian accidents, though a major concern here in New York City, are a problem all across the country. They are not confined to one city or one location; and the issue has reached a pretty alarming point. Fatal pedestrian accidents are up, and safety officials are doing everything they can to stem the tide.

Many unknowns after New York motorcyclist killed in crash

An unfortunate motorcycle accident in Manhattan claimed the life of the rider and left many witnesses aghast. The accident occurred in the SoHo district of New York City last week, and it appears that the motorcycle may have been victimized by a hit-and-run driver. The police said they didn’t know who struck the motorcyclist, and… (keep reading)

New York fatal accident involves motorcycle and Jeep

When somebody is killed in a New York motorcycle accident, the experience can be emotionally traumatizing for their family. Motorcyclists and their passengers are especially at risk for injury or even death in accidents because a motorbike offers no protection in a vehicle crash. For this reason, vehicle drivers need to be particularly careful when… (keep reading)

Pedestrian killed in fatal accident in New York

When an individual is killed in a New York vehicle accident, their families are typically filled with grief and shock at such an unexpected incident. This is especially the case if the fatal accident victim was hit by a vehicle while he was on the side of the road. The family of the deceased person… (keep reading)

New York fatal accident leads to DUI charge for driver

When someone is killed in a fatal accident in New York, their family members usually feel distraught. Their grief may become anger if the person who killed their loved one in the fatal accident was driving under the influence of alcohol. No amount of money can bring back a deceased loved one, but monetary damages… (keep reading)

Street vendor dies in fatal accident in New York

When someone is killed in a New York auto accident, their family members usually experience several emotions, including grief and shock. Their sorrow may soon become rage if another person caused the fatal accident. In a busy city such as New York City, a car accident can particularly be detrimental due to the congestion of… (keep reading)

Fatal accident in New York leads to death of pedestrian

When someone is killed in a car accident in New York, the incident can cause anguish and disbelief. This is particularly true if the person who died in the fatal accident was struck by a vehicle while trying to cross the street. It is within the family’s rights to pursue monetary damage claims in an… (keep reading)

Auto accident in New York kills teenage girl

When someone is killed in a fatal New York accident, devastation strikes the person’s family members. Their feelings of grief may morph into anger due to the seemingly preventable nature of the tragic auto accident. Financial damages certainly can’t make up for the loss of a loved one following a fatal car collision, but it… (keep reading)

Auto accident in New York kills teen, injures 4

When individuals are seriously injured or killed in an automobile accident in New York, family members are typically in shock from the unexpected nature of such a traumatizing incident. If a collision takes place in a congested area, the auto accident may be particularly detrimental because multiple people could be impacted by a single mishap…. (keep reading)

Woman loses life in fatal accident involving bike, vehicle

A bicyclist was struck on State Rt. 32 in Saugerties, New York, recently. Authorities said the accident happened when the bicyclist, who was 19 years old, was hit by a vehicle that was traveling south at the time. Several agencies responded to the scene of the collision. The bicyclist died as a result of the… (keep reading)