Car Accidents

Three injured in New York hit-and-run car accident

Car accidents are almost always unexpected. Few ever anticipate being suddenly struck by another vehicle. Following a crash, victims may experience a variety of emotions, ranging from frustration to indignation. Such emotions are often justified, especially when the driver who apparently caused a crash to occur did so after violating a traffic law or failing… (keep reading)

Vehicle hits, injures two pedestrians in New York

Car accidents between a motor vehicle and a pedestrian are often devastating. The size differences between a motor vehicle and a pedestrian are significant. Pedestrians have little chance of escaping such an accident unharmed. Very often, pedestrians suffer serious injuries in such accidents and these injuries often prove life-altering. Long-term treatment for these injuries can… (keep reading)

Six injured, one seriously, after New York hit-and-run crash

Victims and their families are often understandably outraged following a hit-and-run crash. Drivers are legally obligated to follow certain procedures following an accident. When they flee the scene, they are breaking the law. Not only that, they are also failing to fulfill their legal duty to take reasonable steps toward helping any injured victims. These… (keep reading)

Two-car accident leaves four injured in New York

Following auto accidents that involve multiple vehicles, it is often discovered that one of the drivers involved in some way acted negligently. This could mean the driver failed to yield or perhaps attempted to send a text message while behind the wheel. In such cases, victims have rights. They can take legal action against the… (keep reading)

Bikers should increase safety to avoid collisions and injuries

Residents and tourists in New York understand that there are multiple ways to get around the city. Whether they are driving, traveling on public transportation, bicycling or walking, dangers exist on and near the roadways. If a driver is not properly paying attention, a serious automobile accident could ensue. This could leave a victim severely… (keep reading)

Drunk driving car accident leaves New York woman dead

It’s no secret that drinking and driving don’t mix. Yet, it’s an unfortunate reality that many New Yorkers continue to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. This puts not only the driver and other motorists at risk of harm, but also pedestrians. Even when a drunk driver is trying to be safe and avoid harm,… (keep reading)

Employer liability and how it relates to car accidents

Far too many New Yorkers are injured in car accidents that leave them with serious injuries. When this happens, a victim may wonder who he or she can sue in order to recover compensation. While the driver of the errant vehicle is an obvious possibility, a victim may also be able to sue the driver’s… (keep reading)

What happens if I am partially at fault in a car accident?

New York recognizes what is known as pure comparative fault. Under this theory, you can recover damages even if you are 99 percent at fault. However, your damages award will be lessened by your degree of fault. This means that if you are awarded $100,000 in damages, but are deemed to have been 90 percent… (keep reading)

What important steps should I take following a car accident?

Being in a car accident in New York can be a harrowing experience. Whether it is a seemingly minor fender-bender or a full-scale head-on collision, there are steps a driver can take to ensure their rights are protected following an accident. While the following cannot be considered personal legal advice, it should give you some… (keep reading)

Rough road ahead for Google’s self-driving cars

New technology may protect drivers and their passengers from serious injuries. Self-parking and lane straightening devices have been incorporated by car companies into existing vehicles used in New York and throughout the country. However, the development of a vehicle that drives itself and lacks steering wheels and pedals raises important questions about safety and legal… (keep reading)

Lincoln Tunnel crash causes fatal heart attack

Speeding is a major cause of deadly auto accidents. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration found that the nation suffered $40.4 billion in economic losses in speeding-related crashes, which claimed 10,219 lives in 2012. The NHTSA also reported that 360 of the 1,168 car accident deaths in New York in 2012 were attributed to a… (keep reading)

Does New York ban drivers from using handheld devices?

Taking selfies and text messaging is a pervasive part of life in New York City. However, the state of New York bans driving while talking on a handheld mobile telephone, reading and sending text messages, playing games and viewing, taking or transmitting images. Commercial drivers may not make a phone call or use a portable… (keep reading)