Car Accidents

New York auto accident causes injuries

When an auto accident results in injury to an individual in New York, friends and family are usually stricken with anxiety — and even indignation, especially if the cause of the accident is seemingly senseless. For example, if the person who caused the auto accident was simply not driving with care, they can be considered… (keep reading)

2 injured in New York auto accident; unsafe lane change?

Learning that a loved one has suffered injuries in a car accident can cause intense anxiety. This feeling of fear and worry can soon be replaced by indignation if the family member discovers that another driver’s carelessness is what senselessly caused the incident. In such a situation, the injured person has the right to pursue… (keep reading)

Auto accident involving pedestrian claims life in New York

Shock and despair usually fill the hearts of loved ones who discover that a family member has been struck by a car. This can especially be the case if that person was simply trying to cross the street when the collision occurred. Pedestrians are especially vulnerable on the road and can suffer severe injuries or… (keep reading)

Auto accident causes injuries to 6 in New York

Being injured in a car accident in New York can leave a person juggling a myriad of emotions, ranging from fear to relief to downright indignation at the fact that the crash occurred. This is particularly if the person was not a fault in the auto accident. In this type of situation, an injured party… (keep reading)

New York car accident causes several injuries in the Bronx

Being injured in a multi-vehicle car accident can be startling emotionally and cause physical pain and trauma. A person who is injured in a vehicle collision in New York may seek reimbursement for financial damages stemming from the car accident caused by the negligence of another party. This may help him or her to pay… (keep reading)

Car accident leads to 2 deaths in New York

When a vehicle comes into sudden contact with a large object, injuries or even death can easily result. If the passenger in the vehicle dies as a result of the impact, then his or her family members may be emotionally traumatized. These loved ones may also feel anger toward the driver if the driver is… (keep reading)

Auto accident causes multiple injuries in New York

When a person is driving, he or she naturally may assume that all other drivers possess the physical and mental capacity to operate their vehicles appropriately and safely. However, sometimes another driver may suddenly lose control of the vehicle for seemingly unknown reasons, thus causing critical injuries or even death as a result of an… (keep reading)

New York auto accident causes serious injuries on Major Deegan

The Major Deegan Expressway certainly offers many benefits, including a potentially faster, more convenient way to reach a destination compared with alternative routes. However, it also has its disadvantages: Due to the close proximity of vehicles traveling on the New York roadway, a chain-reaction wreck can rapidly occur. This type of collision can quickly affect… (keep reading)

Auto accident causes injuries to 4 pedestrians in New York

While a person is at a bus stop in New York, his or her greatest concern may be missing the bus. However, if a driver on the road is driving carelessly near the bus stop, missing the bus may soon become the least of the individual’s worries. Negligent driving can easily cause a motorist to… (keep reading)

New York car accident results in woman’s death

One of the most deadly types of accidents is a crash involving a motor vehicle and pedestrians. Pedestrians have little protection against a large, heavy vehicle, especially when it is moving at a fast pace. When a person is killed in a pedestrian-auto accident in New York, his or her family members naturally can’t help… (keep reading)

Police-owned sedan involved in head-on collision in New York

Some people have to be on the road more often than others due to the nature of their jobs. Truck drivers, patrol troopers and delivery drivers are among the types of professions that require lots of driving time. As a result, people in these professions are at an increased risk of being involved in an… (keep reading)

New York multi-vehicle crash causes at least one serious injury

The more vehicles that are involved in an accident, the more dangerous the accident oftentimes proves to be. A multi-vehicle pileup can prove to be devastating and can involve many victims. Just as there are oftentimes many vehicles involved in these accidents, there are also many injuries that can result as well. Head injuries, broken… (keep reading)