Bikers should increase safety to avoid collisions and injuries

Bikers should increase safety to avoid collisions and injuries

Residents and tourists in New York understand that there are multiple ways to get around the city. Whether they are driving, traveling on public transportation, bicycling or walking, dangers exist on and near the roadways. If a driver is not properly paying attention, a serious automobile accident could ensue. This could leave a victim severely injured and could impact their life significantly due to rehabilitation and the resulting expenses and damages from the accident.

A recent report stressed the importance of safety for bicyclists. A bicycle accident could leave the cyclist seriously injured, and if they don’t ride safely on or near the roads, they could cause or contribute to a crash. Moreover, a negligent driver could collide with an unsuspecting cyclist, so it is always important for precautions to be taken.

Bicyclists that are one through 13-years-old are required to wear helmets in the state of New York. In addition to this age requirement, all cyclists should consider wearing a helmet even if they are older than 13. When wearing a helmet, the biker should ensure that it fits properly. Riders should also seek helmets that have reflectors. This could help put driver on notice of their presence, especially during the nighttime hours.

Lastly, just like driver should ensure their vehicle is running properly, bikers should make sure their chains are in good condition, their breaks are working and their tires are filled. Increasing the safety of a bicycle could help a biker evade a negligent driver or avoid an accident caused by a bike malfunction.

When a driver does collide with a cyclist, it is important that the injured understand the person’s rights. This could mean filing a personal injury claim in order to cover expenses and damages caused by the accident. Compensation could be used to cover medical bills, rehabilitation and other related damages.

Those injured in a bicycle accident should become knowledgeable about their options. Conducting an independent investigation could help the victim file suit. Those unsure of the process might want to consider seeking legal advice. This will ensure they take all the proper steps and protect their interests.

Source: Rome Observer, “Tips on how to stay safe while bicycling,” Tim Bates, June 18, 2014