When a visit results in serious injuries

When a visit results in serious injuries

Being a guest in someone’s home, for a social visit or work, may lead to injuries. If the property owner fails to remove dangerous conditions, a visit to a friend or client can lead to medical bills, rehabilitation or lost wages depending on the injury that occurs. Unsafe conditions may not be immediately apparent. For example, a guest to someone else’s property may not know about rotting wood on a stairwell, a sometimes-docile pet or uneven flooring, but all of these can cause injuries.

Furthermore, when a victim suffers an injury, they may not know the extent of it right away. It is important to seek medical care and document any harm that is suffered and to determine whether a pre-existing medical condition played a role in the injury.

In New York, accident victims have to show that they were invited to visit or work on the property. Otherwise, there must be proof that the property owner knew that the person was trespassing.

Next, victims must prove that the property owner was negligent in dealing with the unsafe condition that caused the injury. In other words, the owner should have known about this danger, provided no warning or took insufficient corrective measures such as repairs. Finally, this negligence must be the cause of the injury.

We have over five decades of experience representing individuals injured on unsafe premises in New York City and Long Island. Our firm can assist with determining responsibility for an accident and investigating its causes. We can help assure that an unfair settlement does not end the case.

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