New York multi-vehicle crash causes at least one serious injury

New York multi-vehicle crash causes at least one serious injury

The more vehicles that are involved in an accident, the more dangerous the accident oftentimes proves to be. A multi-vehicle pileup can prove to be devastating and can involve many victims. Just as there are oftentimes many vehicles involved in these accidents, there are also many injuries that can result as well. Head injuries, broken bones and spinal injuries are among the many serious injuries that a victim can suffer following a multi-vehicle crash.

At least one victim suffered a serious injury following a recent multi-vehicle crash. The crash occurred on the northbound lanes of a New York highway roughly 45 miles away from New York City. On a Wednesday morning, about three miles from a toll barrier, a tractor-trailer, a Thruway Authority plow truck and four cars were involved in the crash. According to police, at least one victim suffered serious injuries. Both northbound lanes were closed following the crash and traffic had to be diverted.

Large-scale, multi-vehicle car accidents that close multiple lanes and cause traffic delays are likely going to involve victims. And though the accident may have quickly spiraled out of control, an accident has to start somewhere. When an accident starts with the negligent actions of one driver, the victims in these crashes can pursue legal action.

A negligence claim may be appropriate if another driver is suspected to have acted carelessly or recklessly. Such a claim can be strengthened by a strong legal strategy and an aggressive pursuit of the case. Compensation can be used to help victims cope with the financial burdens that often result from serious accident injuries and the long-term treatments that these injuries also tend to require.

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