Details You Are Expected To Provide For Your Construction Accident Attorney

Details You Are Expected To Provide For Your Construction Accident Attorney

Details You Are Expected To Provide For Your Construction Accident Attorney

Have you been the victim of a construction accident on your New York worksite? Although new technologies and advances have made the construction process less laborious over the years, the industry remains at the top of the list for job fatalities. For this reason, there are laws in place to protect the safety of workers as well as their legal rights should accidents occur, resulting in serious injury such as burns or even death.

The first step towards getting justice is to speak with an experienced construction accident attorney. There are important details you will need to share that will allow them to understand the facts of your case and establish the best legal route towards compensation.

The Facts of The Case

The first thing your construction accident attorney will ask for is an objective overview of the accident as it happened. This will include the following details:

  • The date, time and location of the accident
  • How the accident occurred, including the possible causes of it
  • Whose actions contributed to or caused the accident
  • The injuries you have sustained as a result of the accident, and how this will impact your future ability to work and quality of life. This needs to be substantiated by medical documentation
  • Whether there were other victims besides yourself
  • … and more!

In the aftermath of a construction accident, you and your family can be left in a difficult financial position, particularly if you are out of work for a time or will be unable to resume work in the same capacity. This is compounded by medical expenses as well as other related fees.

Did you know that construction workers in New York are four times more likely to sustain a fatal workplace injury than workers in all other industries statewide? Over the past decade, more than 500 lives have been lost to construction accidents in New York and many more serious injuries have occurred. As a victim of a construction accident, you have legal recourse to justice and compensation.

Proving Negligence

Every construction accident case comes down to proving negligence. With the details you have provided, your attorney can proceed with evidence gathering, which can include engaging expert witnesses if necessary. There are many causes of negligence, including but not limited to a lack of or inadequate construction safety gear, ladders & scaffolding that are poorly erected, holes in construction floors, improper maintenance, and more.

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After a construction accident, you can be placed in a challenging position, both financially and mentally. At Pazer, Epstein, Jaffe & Fein, P.C., our construction accident attorneys are here to fight for your legal rights and the level of compensation you deserve. Browse through our client testimonials and contact us today if you would like to schedule an appointment.

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