Construction Worker Rescued by FDNY in Manhattan

Construction Worker Rescued by FDNY in Manhattan

FDNY members rescued a construction worker on the Lower East Side of Manhattan on Thursday when he fell 30 feet between two buildings while on the job. 

AMNY reports the accident occurred on Broome Street between Attorney and Clinton around 9:00 am. Because the space the worker was lodged in was so narrow, FDNY responders had to cut a hole through a wall in one of the buildings to allow medics to fit through before the worker could be rescued. Thankfully, the worker is reported to be in stable condition, and none of the injuries are considered life-threatening. 

Safety Violations on the Worksite 

Department of Buildings (DOB) preliminary reports found that the worker fell from third-floor pipe scaffolding before becoming lodged between the two buildings. The workspace was reportedly full of debris, and covering or fall protection was not present around the opening where the worker fell. 

A Stop Work Order was placed on the worksite following the DOB’s report citing violations for “inadequate housekeeping” and “failure to safeguard.” 

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