Cabs collide after 1 runs red light, pedestrian hurt in wreck

Cabs collide after 1 runs red light, pedestrian hurt in wreck

It goes without saying that New York City is a busy place. Everyone knows that already. But many city residents have likely become desensitized to the frantic pace of Manhattan; and, likewise, they are probably all too used to seeing the yellow blurs of taxis speeding through the streets.

The combination of these factors has been a menace for pedestrians for many years. Add in the emergence and proliferation of smartphones, tablets and other distracting devices, and the streets of New York have become extremely dangerous.

Recently, two taxis collided in the city, eventually striking a pedestrian too before the ordeal was over. As you probably could have guessed, one of the taxis was going a little fast. In fact, it was trying to beat a red light — but it didn’t. Instead, it ran the red and struck the other taxi. Two people (the pedestrian and one of the drivers) were taken to the hospital as a result.

As is too often the case in car accidents like these, it appears a taxi driver was negligent while operating his or her vehicle. The driver, and potentially the driver’s cab company, could be held liable for a car or pedestrian accident.

But this story is also a reminder to keep your eyes open while walking the streets. Taxis are not the only vehicles rushing around New York City. Accidents happen every day — some of them serious, others less so. But all of the victims suffer; and in many cases, a civil lawsuit is the only way they can financially manage the situation.

Source: WABC, “Pedestrian struck by a cab in Midtown accident,” July 15, 2013