What are the risks of speeding?

What are the risks of speeding?

Speeding played a role in 30 percent of traffic fatalities in New York. Excessive speed has also been a contributing factor in more car accidents in the state in recent years.

Vehicles traveling at excessive speed require more time to stop. Accidents involving a speeding vehicle are also more violent because the car needs to dissipate more energy in a crash. Excessive speed diminishes the effectiveness of a vehicle’s safety devices and crash barriers designed to protect the car’s occupants in an accident.

New York prohibits motorists from driving above maximum speed limits. Furthermore, motorists should drive below this limit under certain conditions such as icy, wet or snow covered roads or bad weather.

Driving too slowly, however, can also be dangerous and the flow of traffic should be followed if it is within the speed limit.

The New York City Police Department conducts a Combat Aggressive Driving Program which includes special speed enforcement. Municipal agencies and over 200 sheriff’s departments participate in the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program designed to address speeding and other traffic violations. The Department of Transportation and Division of State Police analyze crash data and identify traffic corridors, usually interstates or state routes, plagued by speeding. Agencies use this information to develop strategies against speeding.

New York imposes fines based on the excessive speed being driven. Fines increase when there is more than one speeding conviction within 18 months. For 3 convictions within 18 months, licenses are revoked. There are different fines for speeding within a school zone or restricted highway while fines are doubled in construction zones. Driver penalty points are also imposed for speeding violations; violators may also receive prison time.

Victims of a speeding driver in New York may be entitled compensation to pay for serious injuries and loss of work. Families of deceased victims may be entitled to damages in a wrongful death action. Prompt advice should be sought to obtain evidence and protect rights.

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