What Are My Rights If I Fall Off The Stairs At Work?

Falling off the stairs at work might result in multiple injuries, the consequences of which may be long-lasting and far-reaching. All employers should try to reduce the risk of injury to staff while they work, which includes maintaining the premises so that the likelihood of accidents is reduced. If you fall off the stairs at work, you may be entitled to compensation. Here is what you should do after your accident.

Can You Sue Your Employer?

Employers are required by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to try and reduce risks of injury to staff while they are at work. While this does not mean that your workplace can be completely safe, it does mean that any particular risks should be addressed once they have been identified. Typically, a victim will contact an attorney after an accident if they are considering suing. In the case of a workplace injury, the attorney will then determine if:

Claims do not necessarily have to be for falls down large or steep flights of stairs, even falling down a single step may be something you could be compensated for.

Forms of Negligence

Employers should introduce various safety measures to keep their stairs as safe as can be. As an employee, you deserve an employer who has ensured that:

If your employee has not made sure that any of the precautions above are taken to reduce the risk of employees falling down the stairs, you may be able to file for compensation.

Evidence to Support Your Claim

The more evidence you can gather to prove employer negligence, the easier job you and your attorney will have of proving it. It is best to compile your evidence early. Such evidence can include:

Take the Next Step

Rigorous representation is your best chance of obtaining compensation. We are a union-strong firm that is dedicated to representing the workers of New York City to the best of our ability. If you are looking for an attorney to help you with your staircase accident claim, contact us today to request a free consultation.