Unmarked police vehicle hits church van in New York

Unmarked police vehicle hits church van in New York

Almost no one expects to be involved in an accident while driving. It is one of those occurrences that many think will happen to other people, but not them. However, car accidents can happen to anyone at just about any time. Many car accidents are out of the control of victims and there is nothing they could have done to prevent them. It is impossible to control what other drivers do on the road. Drivers may take negligent actions that needlessly drag victims into the scene of an accident, in which case victims may wish to take legal action.

In what must have been an unexpected occurrence, a church van was struck by a New York Police Department cruiser. The cruiser, which was unmarked, was travelling east when it struck the northbound church van. The van, propelled by the force of the collision, crashed into another vehicle and caught fire. The accident, though severe, did not result in severe injuries, according to reports. All five of the victims suffered injuries that were considered non-life threatening.

One officer was treated and released from the hospital, while another was admitted but in stable condition. Two of the men who were in the church van were treated for minor injuries, while a woman who was also in the van suffered a head injury.

All car accident injuries, regardless of severity, can prove to be financially burdensome. While recovering from the physical hurt, victims should not also have to suffer financial damages. Filing a negligence lawsuit in court can potentially help victims recover the costs associated with accident injuries and vehicle damages.

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