Transit accidents have many causes

Transit accidents have many causes

Human error, use of electronic devices, fatigue, absence of collision warning systems and structural defects are among the causes of mass transit accidents. Citing five transit accidents involving the Metro-North Railroad that caused six fatalities and 126 injuries from May 2013 to March 2014, along with these causes, the National Transportation Safety Board recognized safer mass transit as one of its priorities for 2015.

A poorly designed railroad crossing can lead to tragic consequences, for example. Accidents may also include injuries suffered at railroad platforms and other infrastructure that is not properly designed or maintained.

These problems persist as the use of transit buses, railroads and subway grows. Victims of these accidents include passengers along with pedestrians and other motorists. They will likely continue to suffer injuries that require medical treatment, rehabilitation and loss of wages. Their families may be entitled to damages for the loss of a loved one, their earning potential and pain and suffering in a wrongful death action.

Proving liability in these cases may be complex as there may be many causes for a crash. Expert assistance may be needed to determine whether a transit operator was using a transit device, fell asleep or was impaired by alcohol or drugs. Investigating the safety and use of warning systems and devices, the structural integrity and maintenance of buses and railroad cars and the actions of other drivers and motorists can have a role in a lawsuit.

Our firm has been involved with representing victims and their families in New York and federal courts in these accidents for almost half a century. We are experienced with providing representation in suits against transit authorities and other defendants. We have the knowledge to obtain important evidence such as police reports, maintenance records, government safety reports, blood alcohol content documents and NTSB reports.

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