The dangers of slip and fall accidents

The dangers of slip and fall accidents

Slip and falls and other accidents may come unexpectedly during what was considered the most business routine, social event or errand. A seemingly mundane task in a comfortable environment can lead to a serious and long-term injury that may be life-changing because of a slippery stairwell in an apartment building, a neighbor’s aggressive dog, a fight in a movie theater, tripping over a laptop electrical chord in a coffee shop or falling on ice on a sidewalk.

New York law imposes duties and responsibilities on property owners and landlords to protect guests and tenants and to fix a potentially dangerous condition. However, there are also numerous exclusions and court cases that govern this area of law that can be used by property owners to escape liability and a fading of negligence. Having adequate proof and correct application of the facts to the law are essential.

For over half of a century, our firm has represented victims of negligence in New York City. We have advocated for clients who were injured in all types of premises liability cases such as a dog bites, elevator accidents, slippery stairwells, lack of security and collapsing ceilings, among others.

Our firm is experienced and qualified to seek just and fair compensation from commercial, government and residential landlords and property owners for accidents occurring inside their establishments and outside on sidewalks and parking lots. We can locate the proof for a case, apply the proper evidence to the law and vigorously represent our clients in discovery proceedings, court actions, settlement negotiations and dealings with insurance companies.

Our Premises Liability webpage has information on how our firm assist you in a premises liability case and obtain compensation for your losses.