Steps You Should Take Immediately After A Truck Accident

Steps You Should Take Immediately After A Truck Accident

It can be a scary situation being involved in a truck accident. To make matters worse, you may not know exactly what to do after a truck accident. We hope you’re never involved in any kind of motor vehicle incident, much less an accident with a truck. But, as they say, “Accidents happen.” To help you remain calm following an accident, we are going to explain some things that you should follow, if you’re ever involved in an MVA with a commercial truck.

Numerous parties and factors can be involved in a complex situation like a truck accident. One of the first things to do, among others, is to retain knowledgeable and experienced legal representation. This way, you will be better assured your rights are protected.

Here’s some advice to follow if you and a commercial vehicle are involved in a traffic accident.


Immediately following an accident, stop where you are. Remain at the scene of the crash but, if possible, safely remove your car from the road. Use lighted road flares, traffic cones, your hazard lights, etc. to alert other vehicles of your disabled automobile.

Immediately call 911 if there are injuries or suspected injuries. Calling the Highway Patrol and/or police will suffice if no injuries have occurred. The situation will be assessed by the arriving officer who will then fill out an accident report. Your next actions may be determined courtesy of the officer and/or as a result of the information included here.

To present as evidence and for your records, a copy of the accident report should be requested. You may need to pick it up from the Police Department later.

Medical Treatment

Whether you received an obvious injury or not, after the accident, you should seek medical attention. You may not even realize you’ve been hurt. See a doctor as soon as possible if you do not seek immediate medical attention.

Other Parties

Any other parties involved in the accident, or those who could serve as witnesses, should be identified. If you’re involved in an accident with a company truck, it’s important to get not only the company’s information but the driver’s as well. Numerous parties could be liable for the damage to your vehicle and any personal injuries received.

An exchange of information with other parties involved should include the following:

  • The truck driver’s employer’s name and contact information
  • The truck operator’s driver’s license number
  • The insurance company information of the truck driver/company
  • The email address, phone number, address, and name of the truck driver

Again, any witnesses to the accident should be identified and their information gathered for future reference. If they can remain at the scene and talk to the police, all the better.


With nearly everyone carrying a smartphone these days, it’s possible to take photos of not only the damage to the vehicles but surrounding circumstances, as well. This could include weather conditions, road conditions, traffic signs, etc. Take as many pictures as possible and as many as you like. You can’t have too many. Your attorney will help you sort through the pictures that will end up being of the most assistance in your case.

Be Careful What You Say

Under no circumstances should you ever admit to guilt at the scene of the accident. Speak wisely! Remember what they tell people on the crime shows you watch on TV: “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” They are not kidding! Someone’s always listening, and today, someone may even be recording a video with their phone.

Don’t say anything until you’ve spoken to an attorney! You don’t have to give a statement to the insurance company that contacts you (representing the trucker or the trucking company), either. Wait until you speak to an attorney and let them do the talking. That’s their job.

Have You Been the Victim of a Car Accident Involving a Company Truck/Driver?

If you’ve been the victim of a car accident, and it involves a company truck and driver, there are numerous factors and parties that may have to be figured in regarding liability. What you need now is someone to stand up for your rights – someone who is experienced in and knowledgeable regarding traffic accidents with trucks.

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