Seven suffer injuries following New York crash

Seven suffer injuries following New York crash

It is often surprising how quickly a fender bender can morph into a multi-vehicle accident. What begins as a simple two-car accident can quickly evolve into a devastating wreck involving many vehicles. The more vehicles that are involved, the higher the chance is that a greater number of people will suffer injuries. Though it may be difficult to trace an auto accident back to its origin, a thorough investigation usually reveals a cause. When that cause is one driver’s negligence, victims have rights.

Recently, seven people suffered injuries following a multi-vehicle accident in New York, according to reports. Emergency crews arrived at the scene of the accident on a Saturday evening. In total, four children suffered injuries. One of the injuries was considered serious but not life-threatening, while the other three were considered minor. Two adults also suffered injuries in the accident; one was serious, one was minor. The accident was under investigation.

In order to receive compensation, victims oftentimes need to back their claims with strong evidence and legal expertise. Some of the more useful pieces of evidence that victims can use are police reports. In some cases, it is necessary to request police reports at the scene of the accident. If a victim notices that the police report is inaccurate, they may request to get it amended.

There are many ways to go about proving liability in car accidents. In all cases, however, every decision can be aided by an experienced attorney. There are many laws involved, some of which can be highly complicated. It is often best to seek out help with the process to make sure every action taken is legally sound.

Source: CBS New York, “7 Injured, Including 4 Children, In Bed-Stuy Crash,” April 6, 2014