Seeking the cause of a car accident

Seeking the cause of a car accident

Car accidents involving passengers and pedestrians in congested Manhattan may have many causes. These may include running stop lights, using a personal electronic device, an impaired driver and even opening a car door in front of a passing bicyclist. Reckless taxi driving has also led to additional laws as part of the city’s Vision Zero project.

Seeking proof of liability compounds the injuries suffered in an accident or the loss of a family member in a fatal crash. Police reports, blood alcohol content results, witness statements, service records and other evidence has to be obtained in a timely manner. Experts are often needed to provide testimony or analyze evidence.

Evidence and proof is also required to determine the extent of injuries and other losses, such as medical expenses and lost wages, thatare incurred. In a wrongful death case, expertise is required to determine damages for issues such as pain and suffering, anticipated income and loss of affection.

For over 50 years, our firm has sought to protect the rights of injured plaintiffs in New York in auto and truck crashes, pedestrian accidents and other cases involving personal injury. We can represent injured parties and protect their rights in all phases of a case from investigation through jury verdict and appeals.

Our firm will advocate for you in trials, depositions and in settlement negotiations. Our experience allows us to zealously advocate our client’s rights while respecting the difficulties and uncertainties they face recovering from an accident or the death of a family member.

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