Research delves into effects of mild traumatic brain injury

Research delves into effects of mild traumatic brain injury

Most of the time when individuals talk about traumatic brain injury they discuss severe cases. In these instances, sufferers may have severely damaged motor skills and may have a whole host of other problems that are quite obvious, such as memory loss and headaches. However, new research is showing that moderate and mild traumatic brain injury can also cause lasting brain damage and can leave sufferers forever changed.

Researchers at Newcastle University recently utilized diffusion tensor imaging, which measures brain tissue health, on 44 individuals with relatively mild traumatic brain injury and nine with moderate traumatic brain injury. The tests showed that even those with mild brain injury had significant damage to their brain’s white matter, which acts as wiring to assist with cognitive processes like memory and language. In fact, test scores for these individuals where 25 percent lower than those in the control group who had no brain injury. Researchers said those who suffer minor traumatic brain injury may have trouble discerning that they suffer cognitive effects, but the damage is real.

Like other injuries, brain injuries vary widely on the severity scale. Some can be relatively minor and the brain can heal itself within 12 months while others a debilitating. However, researchers say that any damage not repaired within a year is typically permanent. Therefore, those who suffer a blow to the head should be sure to seek assistance from a medical professional so that they can obtain the medical treatment they need.

If an individual suffers a brain injury caused by the negligence of another, then he or she may be able to recover damages. To do so, a victim may file a lawsuit against the individual who caused the victim’s injuries. If actual negligence can be shown to have caused the victim’s brain injury, then compensation may be awarded for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. This can go a long way toward helping a victim live as healthy and fulfilling a life as possible.

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