Police-owned sedan involved in head-on collision in New York

Police-owned sedan involved in head-on collision in New York

Some people have to be on the road more often than others due to the nature of their jobs. Truck drivers, patrol troopers and delivery drivers are among the types of professions that require lots of driving time. As a result, people in these professions are at an increased risk of being involved in an accident. And like anyone else on the road, they have the ability to seek compensation should they be injured by a negligent driver.

For example, a New York trooper was involved in a recent head-on collision, according to reports. The trooper was headed south on a two-lane highway in New York when an SUV driven by a 38-year-old woman collided with her head-on. After reconstructing the scene, police determined that the accident occurred in the southbound lane; the northbound SUV had been following a snowplow prior to the accident. The police trooper was a seven-year veteran, according to reports. She had to be transported to a nearby hospital where it was said that she suffered non-life-threatening injuries. The driver in the other vehicle, as well as her passenger, did not suffer injuries.

No matter what one’s profession is, everyone has certain rights when they use the roads. When someone suffers serious injuries as the result of another driver’s negligence, that person may be able to seek compensation. The pursuit of damages is oftentimes aided by a vigorous and aggressive legal strategy that is thorough and exhaustive in its search for evidence.

Evidence can often take the form of investigation reports, eye witness testimonies or medical records; in any case, with a strong and legally sound strategy, victims are often able to pursue a monetary award that can help them cover the many costs associated with car accidents and along the road to recovery in a financially strong place.

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