One suffers injuries after rear-end accident in New York

One suffers injuries after rear-end accident in New York

Rear-end accidents are among the most common types of motor vehicle accidents. Many may prove to be mere fender benders, leaving those involved with minor vehicle damages and no serious injuries. Some, however, can have more serious consequences. Victims of rear-end accidents may suffer any number of injuries, ranging from whiplash to brain damage. Even whiplash can cause victims long-term pain, which in turn may require them to seek out long-term treatment. Treatment for such injuries can be expensive.

A recent two-vehicle accident in New York left one person injured. According to reports, the crash occurred on a Monday morning. Two large cargo trucks were involved, one of which was a dump truck. The accident was a rear-end accident. All lanes of traffic were shut down in both directions following the accident.

Police said that one of the drivers involved in the accident was likely distracted. This distraction possibly caused him to drive his vehicle into the rear of the other vehicle. One of the victims was transported to a nearby hospital. According to police, it did not appear as though that person’s injuries were serious.

Even injuries that are not considered serious can cause victims a great amount of pain and suffering. In rear-end car accidents, the driver whose vehicle rear-ended the other vehicle is almost always found to be at fault. One of the first, most basic things taught in driver’s education courses is that drivers need to leave a safe distance between them and the vehicles in front of them, giving them enough time to stop should they have to. Failing to do so may render them liable for the damages in an accident.

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