New York car accident leads to 6 injuries, 1 arrest

New York car accident leads to 6 injuries, 1 arrest

When a person is seriously injured in a New York car accident, their family members usually feel distressed at such an unanticipated catastrophe. Their grief may transform into rage if the accident was not their loved one’s fault. Financial damages can help the injured individuals to cover expenses that resulted from the car accident, such as hospital costs.

This is the scenario that six people are facing in New York following a two-vehicle collision. Portions of vehicle bumpers were strewn on the street along with scattered bricks. Two of the injured individuals were listed in critical condition. Meanwhile, four were listed in serious condition.

One of the victims who were listed in critical condition was arrested due to his connection with the crash. He was transported to a hospital. Charges against him are pending, according to authorities.

The person who was arrested in the car crash will have to face his criminal charges. In addition, if this individual negligently caused or contributed to the two-car accident, he may be held liable for the injuries of multiple people if the injured victims file personal injury lawsuits. The injured can pursue reimbursement of monetary damages associated with the crash, which could include medical expenses or even lost wages. If the driver is convicted in criminal court, proof of this could be used to establish liability in a personal injury lawsuit in a New York civil courtroom. Once liability is established to the satisfaction of the civil court, claims for financial damages will be adjudicated.

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