New York car accident causes injuries at busy intersection

New York car accident causes injuries at busy intersection

When individuals are injured in car accidents in New York, they and their loved ones are taken by surprise due to the unforeseen nature of such traumatic events. In a bustling city such as New York City, a car accident can especially be detrimental because the streets are so congested; thus, many people can be affected by a single mishap. In a situation where people are injured because of someone else’s driving — particularly if that person was driving negligently or recklessly — financial compensation from a personal injury claim can help the accident victims and their families to deal with the pain and suffering or the emotional distress caused by the incident.

In one situation in New York, seven people were injured when a vehicle went over a curb following a car accident. The accident happened when a car and a sport utility vehicle crashed. After the collision, the SUV soared onto the curb and struck multiple pedestrians.

At least seven people were hurt. Some suffered non life-threatening injuries, while others suffered serious injuries. In fact, a couple of people suffered head injuries. Meanwhile, one woman’s leg was cut off as a result of the accident that occurred in what witnesses called a very dangerous intersection.

The injured parties can sue the SUV driver in order to seek reimbursement for any monetary damages that resulted from the car accident. Drivers who strike pedestrians in these types of car accidents can be held liable if negligence is proved. In addition, if the driver of the car caused the SUV driver to hit the pedestrians, then this driver could be held liable for contributing to the collision. Furthermore, if a municipality knows that a certain intersection is dangerous but fails to change it in order to mitigate the risks to pedestrians and drivers in that area, they could also face claims for liability for financial damages caused by the accident. Once liability is established to the satisfaction of a civil court, claims for financial damages will be determined.

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