New York auto accident causes serious injuries on Major Deegan

New York auto accident causes serious injuries on Major Deegan

The Major Deegan Expressway certainly offers many benefits, including a potentially faster, more convenient way to reach a destination compared with alternative routes. However, it also has its disadvantages: Due to the close proximity of vehicles traveling on the New York roadway, a chain-reaction wreck can rapidly occur. This type of collision can quickly affect multiple cars, often as a result of just one driver’s negligence or even reckless behavior. Individuals who are involved in this type of auto accident can easily sustain serious injuries as a result of the force of the impact of the crash.

In a recent situation, injuries resulted from a chain-reaction collision on the Major Deegan Expressway. Two people were injured in the crash, one with serious injuries. The crash ended up involving 10 cars.

The crash caused cars, which were bumper-to-bumper, to block the southbound lane on the Deegan. As a result, traffic totally stopped in the southbound lane and partially in the northbound lane. The wreck occurred during the early morning hours.

If an investigation documents which driver caused the chain-reaction auto accident, that individual may face financial responsibility for the injuries stemming from the wreck. This is particularly true if the person is found to have been driving too fast for the road conditions or disobeying a traffic law. The seriously injured party may choose to file a personal injury claim against this driver, seeking financial damages to cover the medical expenses and other monetary damages tied to the crash. To prevail in a civil courtroom in New York, there must be proof by a preponderance of the evidence that the injuries were the result of the negligence of another party to the multi-vehicle collision.

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