New Driving Law to Protect NYC Pedestrians and Cyclists

New Driving Law to Protect NYC Pedestrians and Cyclists

New legislation beginning in January 2023 will require all prospective drivers in New York City to learn about pedestrian and bicycle safety to obtain their license.

According to a recent article by Gothamist, Governor Hochul signed a bill on July 15 that will mandate drivers to complete a bike and pedestrian safety component during the pre-licensing exam. The new prerequisite will also be added to an updated version of the Department of Motor Vehicles (D.M.V.) handbook, prioritizing keeping all New Yorkers on the road safe, not just those in vehicles.

Upgrading Safety on New York City Streets

There are over 800,000 cyclists that utilize NYC streets every day and millions of pedestrians in between. It’s no secret that both bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents have been rising in recent years, primarily due to post-pandemic factors involving increased reckless driving.

In 2020 alone, even with fewer cars on the street due to lockdown, pedestrian fatalities spiked a tragic 21% citywide. This year, pedestrian accidents are still rising, up 44% in the first quarter reports.

What’s Causing NYC Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

According to a new report by the Department of Transportation, the three most common risk factors leading to pedestrian and bicycle accidents this year include:

– Failure to yield – Driver inattention and driving distractions

– Speeding

Other factors known for leading to an increase in pedestrian and bicycle fatalities include:

– Aggressive driving

– Swerving in and out of lanes

– Illegal passing

– Vehicles driving in bicycle lanes

– Failure to stop at traffic lights and stop signs

The goal of the new driving legislation is to take these factors into account when prioritizing safety education. Prospective drivers educated on the causes of serious and fatal traffic

accidents will be more likely to think twice before displaying reckless road behaviors. We look forward to seeing our streets become safer for everyone.

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