Motorcyclist tragically killed following New York crash

Motorcyclist tragically killed following New York crash

Motorcycles lack the size and safety features that are often standard in other motor vehicles. Because of this, motorcyclists are highly vulnerable to injury or death in accidents. What’s more, the smaller size can make accidents more likely to occur as drivers may have trouble spotting motorcycles on the road. But while it may be true that motorcycles can be difficult to see sometimes, drivers need to pay attention to motorcycles. When they fail to do so and an accident occurs, drivers may be found guilty of negligence.

Tragically, a motorcyclist was killed after a crash occurred in New York. According to reports, the man was killed on a Monday afternoon after his motorcycle was struck from behind by a truck. Police said the 78-year-old motorcyclist was travelling south when the accident occurred. A box truck transporting milk and ice cream then struck the motorcycle he was riding. As a result, the motorcyclist became trapped under the box truck. Sadly, she was pronounced dead on the scene.

Investigators were uncertain as to where the motorcyclist was headed. What’s more, they said it was not yet clear who was at fault in the accident. New York State Police were assisting in the continued investigation.

If an investigation reveals that another driver was at fault in a fatal accident, it may be appropriate for the families of victims to file a wrongful death lawsuit. While dealing with the emotional trauma of losing a loved one, the families of victims are often forced to further suffer with financial strains. A successful lawsuit will never undo the tragedy that occurred, but it can sometimes help to alleviate the financial burdens that are often thrust onto the shoulders of families.

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