Most Common Injuries In The Workplace

Most Common Injuries In The Workplace

In pretty much any work environment – regardless of the city or state in which you live/work – you face the possibility of being involved in an accident. Those risks are created, in part, by the type of work you do and the conditions of your workplace. Certain jobs/work locations, when compared to others, tend to increase the possibility of injuries in the workplace. Here’s what we’re talking about…

The following comes to us courtesy of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration): One of every five deaths that are work-related in the private industry take place in construction. But why? The “Fatal Four” accident risks are heavily faced by construction workers. This consists of getting caught between or in objects, electrocution, getting struck by an object, and falling.

However, the risk of injury can exist in offices and other seemingly safe environments, as well. One example of this would be an office worker who suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome – a debilitating condition caused by repetitive motion (typing on a computer). This person could also have chronic lower back problems from constant sitting.

Let’s take a look at workplace accidents and those which are the top-most reported.


Sometimes, disputes arise between coworkers, which can erupt into violence. Additionally, in today’s workplace, domestic violence is being introduced. Attacks by dogs, assaults from customers, and more can occur where delivery personnel and other people who work with the public are concerned.

Repetitive Motion

A type of cumulative trauma, repetitive motion injuries are caused by excessive repetition of micro-tasks or small range tasks like using a computer mouse, typing, assembly line work, etc. Caused by repetitive motion, one form of nerve damage included here is referred to as carpal tunnel syndrome.


Workers can be entrapped in rollers, gears, and other heavy machinery parts causing numerous types of crushing and/or tearing injuries. A catastrophic injury such as the loss of a limb could be the result of entanglement. This type of accident is frequently caused by unbound hair, fingers, jewelry, shoes, or loose clothing getting caught by machinery.

Struck Against

If a worker gets unintentionally pushed into a vehicle, machinery, window, cabinet, door, or wall, they could suffer a foot, neck, knee, or head injury. Inattentiveness is a major cause of this type of injury, though there are other causes, as well.

Struck by Objects

A workplace injury can be caused by something being thrown by machinery or a person, or when an object falls from above. Blunt force trauma (bruises, cuts, eye injuries, internal organ injuries, fractures) can be caused by swinging, rolling, flying, or falling objects. A head injury is the most common occurrence as the result of a falling object.


Common causes of job-related injuries include throwing, carrying, holding, pushing, lifting, and pulling activities. These injuries can occur courtesy of years of repeated strenuous activity or as a result of a single incident.


When working around exposed wires or cords, electrocution-related injuries can befall workers. Harm can also be caused by faulty electrical outlets. While digging, underground cables could be hit or power lines can electrocute workers, as well. Electrical hazards should always be identified ahead of time.

Falls from Heights

In the construction industry, the leading cause of worker death is falls. The risk of falling off of stairways, platforms, scaffolding, ladders, roofs, and other elevated or raised surfaces is faced by construction workers daily. Frequently, improperly used or inadequate safety equipment and/or poorly built structures are to blame.

Slip and Falls

A slip and fall in a workplace can be caused by poor lighting, unstable walking surfaces, cords, scattered debris, icy surfaces, wet floors, and more. A fall caused by one of these can result in strained/torn ligaments, soft tissue damage, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injury, broken bones, and other severe to minor injuries. The important thing about this kind of injury is that it’s usually preventable.

MVAs (Motor Vehicle Accidents)

For people whose jobs involve driving, they are constantly exposed to faulty automotive equipment, inclement weather, negligent drivers, and more. Any of these can cause a truck and/or car accident. You have a higher risk of receiving a collision involving injury if you spend your day in and around moving vehicles.

Technically, this can even include a warehouse or factory worker who gets hit by a forklift or if a tractor hits a construction site worker.

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