Many injuries result from two-car accident in New York

Many injuries result from two-car accident in New York

Regardless of the circumstances, drivers are always expected to exercise due care. Weather may be a factor in a crash or something unexpected may enter into a driver’s field of vision. Nevertheless, drivers must be ready to react quickly to the unexpected and exercise the appropriate amount of caution given the conditions. This might mean driving slower or allowing extra space between their vehicles and the vehicles in front of them.

A recent car accident in New York resulted in multiple injuries, according to reports. Early in the morning, near an outlet mall, a car ran out of gas and pulled over onto the highway’s shoulder. While stationary, the car was rear ended by another vehicle.

Nine people were involved in the accident. One person was flown to a nearby hospital via medical helicopter with serious injuries. Two others were flown to a different hospital, while the rest of the victims were transported by ambulance.

Investigation into the cause of the crash was ongoing.

In rear-end car accidents, the driver of the vehicle that was rear ended is almost never at fault. One of the first lessons taught in many driver’s education programs is that drivers are always expected to maintain a safe distance between them and the vehicles in front of them. When this basic rule is violated, victims may be able to build a strong case against the driver at fault.

One way of building a strong case in rear-end auto accidents is to simply point to the vehicle damages. When one vehicle’s front is damaged and the other displays damage to its rear, proving liability becomes fairly cut and dry. Every situation is unique, however, and demands individual attention so the best possible legal strategy can be devised.

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