It Never Hurts To Learn How To Prevent Scaffolding Accidents

It Never Hurts To Learn How To Prevent Scaffolding Accidents

It Never Hurts To Learn How To Prevent Scaffolding Accidents

There are many types of construction accidents that can occur on a worksite – but did you know that scaffolding accidents are a leading cause of construction site deaths? When you or a loved one suffer a construction site fall from a height, the consequences can be severe. To this end, the state of New York has stringent worker safety laws in place to reduce the chances of scaffolding accidents happening. However, they can and do happen from time to time, especially when there are inadequate safety measures in place. We share with you some scaffolding safety tips below.

Inspect After Each Use and Accident

At the start and end of each work day, scaffolding should be inspected without fail. This allows any faults to be spotted and repaired timely, as well as ensures that workers do not mount scaffolding that is unsafe. On top of that, every worker should also check their own personal fall protection equipment before mounting a scaffold. Any time an accident occurs, however minor, the scaffolding should be inspected and verified safe for use time and again.

Follow Proper Usage Guidelines

Oftentimes, it can be that for the sake of speed and convenience, loading weights, capacities and other usage guidelines are ignored. Completing the job faster is never worth it at the price of your safety. Adhere by the proper guidelines for scaffold setup and usage at all times to ensure accidents do not happen.

Worker Training Is Essential

Every worker who is involved with setting up and using a scaffold should have received the necessary training. From erecting and dismantling scaffolds and ensuring it is stable to performing a visual inspection, workers should also have the proper knowledge on scaffold safety. This includes knowing which features to watch out for, such as guardrails, as well as ensuring they are in proper fall protection equipment: non-slip boots, protective headwear, and safety harnesses are all must-haves.

Ensure Safe Setup and Organization

Scaffolding should always be erected a minimum of 10 feet away from energized power lines. Any electric systems that are near the scaffold should be disconnected to prevent electrocution. In addition, workers should make sure tools and equipment are properly positioned within the scaffold to keep their working space free of obstruction and reduce the chances of falling.

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