How Dangerous Can A Falling Object Be On A Construction Site?

Falling objects at construction sites are real hazards that construction workers on site need to be protected against. It can be dangerous or even fatal for the workers or passers-by when construction items fall from a height. Therefore, it is of utmost necessity for construction site owners to ensure the safety of their workers and the public.

Following proper precautions is one of the ways to safeguard workers from injuries from falling objects. Yet, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA), more than 50,000 people suffer injuries from falling objects in a year. Although construction sites are required to follow safety measures, many companies get serious about these measures only after an accident occurs.

Let us take a look at the dangers posed by falling objects.

What Measures Can One Take to Prevent Injuries Caused by Falling Objects? 

Falling objects can pose a danger due to the force of gravity. Construction items, whether small or large, can harm people if they fall from a height. Workers and the public may face injuries due to falling construction objects or even workers who fall from height. Such an accident can be fatal for workers as well as the public.

The harness can be used as an effective tool to save construction workers from falling. However, less is being done to prevent tools from falling. The use of debris nets to prevent tools from falling is usually an afterthought. Experts believe that construction sites should use the same approach that is used to keep people from falling and apply it to keep equipment and tools from falling too. After all, the aim is to prevent fatalities and injuries.

Safety measures such as debris nets, toe boards, wristbands, self-vulcanizing tape, and more can protect people from the danger caused by falling objects. Lanyards, D-rings, and tool cinch attachments can also be used to secure a tool without hindering workers’ effective use of the tools. 

OSHA stipulates that in any work site where workers might be endangered by falling objects, all tools and materials must be secured properly. It also states that barricades and warning signs must be used in risky areas on a construction site. Construction sites are required to erect toe boards and screens on guardrails and scaffolds. They should also be utilizing canopies, debris nets, and catch platforms.

What to Do in Case of an Injury Caused by a Falling Object?

If you sustain an injury due to a falling object on a construction site, what should you do and how can a construction accident lawyer help?

There are laws in place to protect construction site workers and passers-by who are injured by falling objects. Most of the time, New York City construction workers will be offered workers’ compensation benefits when they seek compensation for their medical costs and loss of wages.

However, every construction accident is different and you may qualify to file a personal injury claim against vendors, subcontractors, delivery drivers, or even equipment and machinery operators. So you should seek the legal advice of our experienced construction accident lawyers at Pazer, Epstein, Jaffe & Fein, P.C. in New York. We will fight the case for you if you want to file a claim for falling object injuries.