Fatal accident involves bus and pedestrian in New York

Fatal accident involves bus and pedestrian in New York

A bus is generally a safe mode of transportation for the passengers, if not for others in or near the roadway. If the driver fails to pay attention to the road, including other vehicles or pedestrians, this can quickly lead to a fatal accident. This type of vehicle accident can cause anger in the family members of those who are killed because this type of crash is seemingly preventable. Pedestrians are particularly at risk of injury or death in a crash involving a bus because they have nothing to protect them against such a large vehicle.

In a recent situation, a 73-year-old New York man was struck and killed by a tour bus. The bus then dragged him. The tour bus was going down Broadway and onto 96th Street, police said.

Witnesses who saw the accident ran after the bus and tried to get the driver to stop. The driver, who eventually did come to a halt, told police that he did not see the pedestrian. Friends of the pedestrian said they thought he had been heading to a restaurant at the time of the accident.

Bus accidents are inevitable in a busy municipality, such as New York City, if the driver of such a large vehicle is driving carelessly. The family members of the pedestrian who was killed in this fatal accident may elect to seek to hold the bus driver financially responsible for the collision by pursuing a claim for monetary damages that could help with expenses connected to the crash, such as funeral costs. A New York civil court will adjudicate financial damage claims once liability is established through competent proof submitted to it.

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