Damages You Can Recover In A Dog Bite Case

Damages You Can Recover In A Dog Bite Case

The American Centre for Diseases Control (CDC) estimates that there are 5 million dog bite victims who require emergency medical attention every year. Many of these victims require long-term rehabilitation and surgery to fully recover and restore functionality while one out of every five dog bite injuries become infected.

If you have been bitten by a dog, there are various legal damages you can recover in a dog bite lawsuit to compensate for your losses and injuries. Here are some of the damages you can recover in a dog bite case.

Medical Bills

Most dog bite victims suffer from physical wounds on their bodies which include but are not limited to tissue damage, broken bones, muscle damage, lacerations, and nerve damage. The dog bite can also cause severe disfigurements, result in an infection, and may even cause dismemberment. Depending on the severity of the injury, they may require therapy, follow-up care, rehabilitation, surgery, reconstructive surgery, and other medical treatments.

You can expect to be compensated for any medical bills incurred due to the dog bite such as emergency room treatment, tetanus shots, on-site medical treatment, and more. The compensation can also include your future medical expenses due to the dog bite injury such as therapy, modifications to your home if you have mobility problems, or replacement and maintenance of medical devices.

Pain and Suffering

Dog bite victims also suffer from painful and severe injuries and may have emotional trauma along with a phobia of dogs. They may also suffer pain due to the medical treatment and may need to regain full use of their body or injured limbs.

The compensation for the physical pain covers anything that has hurt you and was caused by the dog bite such as pain during the attack, the pain of undergoing therapy, and the pain from emergency care. You can also be compensated for any emotional trauma or mental anguish such as the terror of the dog attack and the emotional distress of living with a disfigurement.

Loss of Wages and Professional Setback

Adult dog bite victims will probably miss work as they recover from the dog bite. If you are unable to work as a result of the dog bite injury, you are entitled to compensation due to your loss of income.

If you suffer a disability or permanent disfigurement as a result of a dog bite which will affect your career prospects and employability, you can also receive compensation for your loss or reduced earning capacity. A premises liability attorney can help determine the amount of compensation you can get.

Property Damage

You can also be compensated for any property damage suffered due to the dog attack. This includes but is not limited to damaged shoes, broken glasses, shredded or torn clothes, damage to vehicles such as motorbikes or bicycles, and damage to any physical property during the time of the attack.

If your pet dog was also attacked and bit by the dog, the compensation for property damage can also cover any injuries suffered by the hurt dog.

Learn more about the types of damages you can claim from a dog bite injury. Our personal injury attorneys are ready to help.