Make construction work less dangerous

Construction worker use safety harness and safety line working o

Make construction work less dangerous

Construction work is dangerous activity. To make it less dangerous the law in New York requires that owners and contractors provide appropriate safety devices to prevent gravity-related accidents like falls from ladders or scaffolds, or objects falling on workers.

Unfortunately, on many jobs in which owners or contractors employ undocumented workers, abuses abound and workers are put in danger regularly. Often inadequate or no safety devices are provided and no safety instructions given to prevent injury. Further, when injuries occur, workers are often told not to tell anyone how it happened or they’re told to tell anyone who asks that the accident did not happen at work, as they are taken away from the site by a co-worker at the direction of a supervisor.

Employers are not permitted to avoid workers compensation laws and are not permitted to avoid responsibility for accidents by telling workers to hide the truth. Whether a worker is documented or not, whether a worker is being paid on the books or in cash, all workers in New York State are protected by workers compensation and all workers have rights to bring an action in Court.

If you are working in construction on a daily basis, going different work sites every day, you should do all you can to protect your rughts. When you arrive at work, take a photo of the location of the site with your cell phone and make note of the address where you are working. If an accident occurs, call 911 and get help at the scene – do not let your employer or foreman have someone drive you to a clinic or other medical facility some distance from the site of the accident. Make sure you know the name of the company employing you for the day, and try to get names and contact information for your co-workers. By doing so, you will potentially protect your rights to obtain a recovery in the event you are injured on a work site.

If you or someone you know are injured due to a fall from a ladder or scaffold, due to an object falling from above and hitting you, or if you are injured in any other way on a construction, demolition, renovation or other similar type of project, contact us using our convenient online form or feel free to phone us in New York at 212-227-1212, or in Huntington/Long Island at 631-864-2429.