Wrongful Death

Motor vehicle accident leads to death of woman in New York

Getting into a car wreck can certainly be physically and emotionally traumatizing for an injured victim, but it can especially be emotionally traumatizing for the family members of a deceased victim. The incident may particularly spark rage in the loved ones who are left behind if the victim died through no fault of his or… (keep reading)

Man dies in fatal accident in New York

As people ride in a motor vehicle, it is normal for them to focus on getting to their planned destination and handling their daily business. It typically comes as a surprise when a person ends up being seriously injured or even losing his or her life in an unexpected car crash while on the road…. (keep reading)

New York vehicle accident involving pedestrian causes death

A leisure walk may quickly lead to a nightmare for family members and friends. This happens when an auto-pedestrian vehicle accident occurs, as pedestrians essentially have no protection against vehicles on the road and thus are susceptible to major injury or death. These types of accidents can easily occur in New York due to someone’s… (keep reading)

Fatal accident involves bus and pedestrian in New York

A bus is generally a safe mode of transportation for the passengers, if not for others in or near the roadway. If the driver fails to pay attention to the road, including other vehicles or pedestrians, this can quickly lead to a fatal accident. This type of vehicle accident can cause anger in the family… (keep reading)

Fatal accident in New York involves car, pedestrian

As a person goes about his or her daily business in New York, whether to the grocery store or to a social outing, he or she may be daydreaming or going over his or her plans while walking outside. What turned out to be a normal day could quickly end fatally when the person is… (keep reading)

Motor vehicle accident causes injuries, 1 death in New York

In a matter of seconds, someone’s normal night can easily be snatched from him or her as a result of a motor vehicle accident. This is particularly true in a head-on collision, which can take place if one driver fails to remain focused on the road and ends up veering into the path of oncoming… (keep reading)

Pedestrian accident data reveals alarming stats about Broadway

Broadway is a well-known main thoroughfare for New York, with a 13-mile stretch through Manhattan, so residents and tourists alike will be alarmed by some new data. The Tri-State Transportation Campaign released information on Feb. 5 from a three-year study concluding that Broadway is the deadliest street in the city for pedestrians. Using federal data,… (keep reading)

Toyota plans $1 billion payment to end recall investigation

New Yorkers may recall that the automaker Toyota has been under investigation by U.S. prosecutors to determine whether a vehicle recall was executed properly. Toyota-manufactured vehicles have been cited in about 400 claims for personal injury and wrongful death in connection with unintended acceleration. The issue first garnered major attention when an off-duty law enforcement officer… (keep reading)

Fatal wrong-way crash in New York leads to charges

Motor vehicle accidents encompass a wide range of crashes and collisions. Some accidents are mere fender benders, resulting in nothing more than scrapes and bruises. Others, like a wrong-way accident, often prove to be far more deadly. Wrong-way car accidents involve twice as much force as that of a same-direction accident. Victims are lucky to… (keep reading)

Bicyclist suffers fatal injuries after crash in New York

Oftentimes, a hit-and-run accident is an admission of guilt. Most drivers will not flee the scene of an accident unless they know that they are likely going to be found at fault in the crash. For victims and their families, this can be incredibly frustrating. However, investigators and police officials are often able to track… (keep reading)

Elderly man struck, killed by suspected drunk driver in New York

When drivers choose to take a drink before getting behind the wheel, they are making a choice that endangers everyone on the road. Drivers need to make quick and smart decisions. They need to be able to act quickly in the case of some unexpected occurrence. Alcohol severely impacts a driver’s ability to do so,… (keep reading)

Tragic New York crash results in death of 9-year-old girl

Anyone who is able to walk away from a multi-vehicle with their lives should be considered lucky. Sadly, not everyone is able to survive such an affair. Multi-vehicle accidents can be devastating and often take place at high speeds and on crowded streets. Oftentimes, the chain reaction begins with the negligent actions of one of… (keep reading)