Wrongful Death

New York auto accident claims life of female pedestrian

A human being is no match for a vehicle, so when a person is struck by a car, the incident can lead to serious injuries or can even be fatal. A person who loses his or her life in this manner leaves behind family members who may feel distraught, helpless and angry at the same… (keep reading)

Fatal accident involving three vehicles in New York kills 1 woman

Losing someone in a New York car accident can lead to feelings of disbelief and grief. The family of the deceased victim can also be mad if the accident appears to have happened for a senseless reason; for example, if the person who caused a crash was speeding when the incident happened, then speeding can… (keep reading)

Fatal accident causes injuries and death in New York

The families of people who are injured or killed in New York car accidents are typically wrought with disbelief and sorrow. This sorrow may turn to anger if a person’s failure to obey several road rules led to the fatal accident. In this type of situation, it is within the rights of the family members… (keep reading)

Fatal accident involves 2 pedestrians in New York

When people are walking along the street, they don’t expect to potentially lose their lives in a split second. However, when a pedestrian-vehicle accident happens, an individual can easily be killed instantly. Pedestrians are particularly at risk because they have no protection against a massive vehicle on the road. Also, in a busy city such… (keep reading)

3 die in fatal accident in upstate New York

Devastation can quickly strike a New York family once they find out that a loved one has been killed in a car accident. The family members may struggle with feelings of grief and anguish, coupled with disbelief. Financial damages admittedly can’t make up for the loss of the life of an individual in a fatal… (keep reading)

3 dead in auto accident in New York

Colliding with an object such as a tree can be so deadly due to the abrupt nature of these types of wrecks. When a vehicle’s forward movement stops suddenly, this can cause grave damage in New York. Losing a loved one in this type of auto accident can be traumatizing. Although no amount of money… (keep reading)

2 women die in fatal accident in New York

Discovering that a beloved family member has been killed in a fatal accident can naturally leave those who are left behind wondering how such a troubling incident could happen. These individuals may even feel outrage toward the person who caused the fatal accident in New York. In this type of situation, the loved ones of… (keep reading)

1 dead, 3 injured in auto accident in New York

Finding out that a family member has been killed in a car accident causes so much distress because the incident often could have been prevented and happens so suddenly. Surviving loved ones usually feel distraught and helpless in the midst of the traumatic event. It is within their rights to seek claims for financial damages,… (keep reading)

Wrongful death claim could result from New York fatal accident

Loss and heartache can quickly strike family members who lose a loved one to a vehicle crash. Death is particularly likely in a head-on collision, one of the most devastating types of car accidents due to the force of the crash. A wrongful death claim in New York certainly cannot bring back a dearly missed… (keep reading)

Wrongful death suit is permitted in New York fatal accident

When an individual is killed in a vehicle wreck in New York, the family members typically struggle with feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, questioning how such an devastating incident could occur. If negligent behavior is found to have been a causal factor in the crash, this may especially cause indignation for the remaining family. Financial… (keep reading)

Boy struck by truck in fatal New York vehicle accident

When someone is killed in a truck accident, the family may be shaken and overwhelmed with sadness, questioning how such a tragic situation could occur. A tractor-trailer is most deadly when the person who is driving it fails to obey the rules of the road in New York. If driver negligence is established as a… (keep reading)

2-year-old boy dies in fatal accident in New York

New Yorkers who leave their home to complete errands with a baby in tow certainly don’t expect to later become caught up in a fatal accident that results in the death of the child. Upon hearing the news, family members are typically distraught and in shock over the catastrophe. They may also feel anger toward… (keep reading)