Premises Liability

Balcony collapse plunges New York woman into fatal fall

On behalf of Pazer, Epstein, Jaffe & Fein, P.C. posted in Premises Liability on Thursday, August 8, 2013. Many buildings in and around New York are very old. On the one hand, it is nice to respect and maintain these older buildings as they provide a historical feel and a sense of character to the surrounding… (keep reading)

Roller coaster accident injures 5-year-old boy

An unofrtunate accident on a Coney Island roller coaster has left a 5-year-old with a broken leg and possibly other injuries; and some safety officials are questioning why the roller coaster did not have more safety measures to prevent such a thing from happening. The 5-year-old boy was in one of the roller coaster cars… (keep reading)

Personal Injury $1,200,000

We recovered $1.2 million for a client who sustained a head injury when she fell through an open sidewalk cellar door which was unmarked and hidden from view.

Winter poses serious hazards for New York City walkers

In many areas of the country, including New York City, this winter has been one of the most severe winters on record. Despite the weather, landlords and other property owners are responsible for managing safe premises, which may cause serious injuries or even death if properties are neglected. Recently, streets near New York’s new World… (keep reading)

Premises liability lawsuit filed after woman’s finger severed

Every day, New Yorkers enter the homes and businesses of others to visit or shop. Yet, patrons rarely think of their safety when coming onto these premises. This is because laws exist to protect invitees from dangerous conditions. However, despite these laws, some property owners still fail to discover hazardous conditions, warn invitees and remedy… (keep reading)

The essentials of a slip-and-fall premises liability case

Many New Yorkers have probably been in a store and seen a wet floor. It is a dangerous situation, and one that could result in serious injuries, requiring extensive medical care and causing lost wages as well as pain and suffering. But who is at fault in these situations? And can a New Yorker recover… (keep reading)

When a visit results in serious injuries

Being a guest in someone’s home, for a social visit or work, may lead to injuries. If the property owner fails to remove dangerous conditions, a visit to a friend or client can lead to medical bills, rehabilitation or lost wages depending on the injury that occurs. Unsafe conditions may not be immediately apparent. For… (keep reading)

What is the liability of dog owners?

New York dog owners have the right to enjoy their dogs but may also bear the responsibility of any serious injuries resulting from their pet biting a visitor. Under certain circumstances, a lawsuit may be filed for dog bites or attacks that harm another person. New York is not bound by a requirement that the… (keep reading)

Stairway major cause of childhood injuries

Stairs appear deceptively harmless. Some of this illusion may be because stairs are so common. But that ubiquity may be one of the reasons why stairs are such a frequent source for accidents among children. A child under 5 years old is rushed to an emergency room every six minutes in the United States, according… (keep reading)

What are a New York landlord’s safety duties?

New York City landlords have legal responsibilities for providing safe apartments for tenants. While the following information is for informational purposes only, in general tenants are entitled to have a safe, clean and livable apartment under the warranty of habitability, which is implicit in every residential lease for apartments and public areas, whether oral or… (keep reading)

What causes elevator malfunctions?

The United States has around 900,000 elevators, many located in New York City. Each year, these devices make 18 billion passenger trips and serve 20,000 people. Each elevator carries approximately 5 passengers on per trip. Most elevators are installed in residential, commercial or retail properties and rise up to an average of four to five… (keep reading)

Injuries on someone else’s property

Premises liability in New York City is not limited to slip and falls on someone else’s property. Injuries caused by an unsafe condition attributed to the property owner’s negligence may constitute grounds for a civil lawsuit. For example, a worker who is injured while performing a task may file for ceiling collapses resulting from landlord… (keep reading)