Car accident leads to 2 deaths in New York

Car accident leads to 2 deaths in New York

When a vehicle comes into sudden contact with a large object, injuries or even death can easily result. If the passenger in the vehicle dies as a result of the impact, then his or her family members may be emotionally traumatized. These loved ones may also feel anger toward the driver if the driver is found to have caused the car accident due to carelessness. In this type of scenario in New York, the family members of the deceased passenger may pursue reimbursement for financial damages resulting from the car accident, which may help them to experience a sense of closure following the harrowing situation.

In a recent situation, a vehicle crash occurred during the early morning hours. The vehicle ran off the road and struck a tree. The car then broke in two, police said.

The impact was so hard that the section of the car that contained the male driver and his passenger flew 30 feet away from the other part of the car. Both the driver and the passenger died at the scene of the accident. Speed appears to have contributed to the collision, according to authorities.

The legal estate of the driver that apparently lost control of his vehicle and ran into the tree might be held liable in this scenario if the family of the deceased passenger decides to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the estate for monetary damages. Speeding could be considered negligent driving, and evidence of this could be used to establish the driver’s liability in such a case. Even though the driver who is thought to have caused the car accident passed away, his estate could still face liability and so could any separate owner of the vehicle that was involved in the collision. A New York civil court would ultimately decide financial damage claims if liability is established by a preponderance of the evidence.

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