Brain injuries require prompt action

MRI or magnetic resonance image of head and brain scan.

Brain injuries require prompt action

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has designated traumatic brain injury as a serious public health problem in this country accounting for 30 percent of all injury deaths. Falls were the major blame for TBI and being hit by a blunt object was the second leading cause, while motor vehicle crashes was third. TBI’s effects can last for days or even the rest of the sufferer’s life.

Harm from a TBI, a concussion or even a mild blow to the head can cause symptoms and effects that include memory loss, mood swings, appetite loss, insomnia or extreme fatigue, depression or anxiety, speech impediment or loss of motor control. The CDC reported that at least 138 people die each day in this country from injuries that include TBI.

An accident involving a blow to the head is comprised of at least two major issues. First, determining the extent of the injury and its potential consequences. Secondly, whether another person’s recklessness or negligence caused the blow.

Immediate medical care should be sought to determine the extent of the injury and the care that should be provided to help to help mitigate the injury. In some cases, this may also prevent a fatality. Ignoring this injury can elevate its severity.

Moreover, victims of a TBI and their families should seek prompt legal assistance to help determine how a person’s actions may have caused this injury. Evidence such as witness statements, police reports and other records need to be secured. Expert legal assistance can help place a price on the compensation that is needed to pay for lost wages, medical treatment, rehabilitation, speech therapy, psychiatric treatment and other needs and losses.

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