Auto accident in New York kills teen, injures 4

Auto accident in New York kills teen, injures 4

When individuals are seriously injured or killed in an automobile accident in New York, family members are typically in shock from the unexpected nature of such a traumatizing incident. If a collision takes place in a congested area, the auto accident may be particularly detrimental because multiple people could be impacted by a single mishap. When pedestrians are hurt or killed due to someone else’s negligence behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, monetary damages gained from a successfully navigated personal injury or wrongful death claim can help accident victims and/or their families to cope with the expenses that usually accompany these tragedies.

One recent accident in New York resulted in the death of a teenager and injuries to four other people. The incident occurred when an SUV backed out of a parking space very quickly and struck several cars. Thereafter, the vehicle apparently left the parking lot rapidly, hitting two other vehicles and some pedestrians.

At the time of the accident, a church was holding a carnival nearby. The girl that was killed was just 15 years old. Police have not yet filed charges in the aftermath of the fatal collision.

The injured parties, as well as the family of the deceased victim, can seek reimbursement from the driver of the SUV for any financial damages that resulted from the auto accident. To prevail, they will need to establish in a civil courtroom that the driver negligently caused or contributed to the accident and injuries/death that resulted. Monetary damages could be used to cover medical expenses and/or funeral costs as well as other items recognized by our laws.

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