Auto accident causes injuries to 6 in New York

Auto accident causes injuries to 6 in New York

Being injured in a car accident in New York can leave a person juggling a myriad of emotions, ranging from fear to relief to downright indignation at the fact that the crash occurred. This is particularly if the person was not a fault in the auto accident. In this type of situation, an injured party has the right to seek reimbursement of monetary damages that resulted from the wreck, which can cover medical costs or any other expenses associated with the crash and recognized under New York state law.

One recent crash in New York involved five vehicles. The automobiles crashed at an intersection. Major damage to the vehicles resulted from the wreck, police said.

Authorities said that six people suffered injuries in the crash. All were transported to the hospital. One remained in critical condition, according to police. Police continued to investigate the incident.

The individuals who were injured in this multi-car crash have the right to file personal injury lawsuits against the driver who is believed to have caused the crash. If the person who reportedly caused the crash was speeding, driving while distracted or failing to stop at a traffic light, for example, these acts could be considered negligent or reckless behavior. Evidence of this type of behavior could help to establish the driver’s liability for the injuries resulting from the vehicle. A civil court in New York will ultimately adjudicate the monetary claims if liability in the auto accident is established according to its standards.

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