5 Construction Contractors Injured in a Struck-by Accident in Queens

Image credit: 1010 Wins News sourced from )https://www.audacy.com/1010wins/news/local/contractor-seriously-hurt-after-accident-at-queens-construction-site)

5 Construction Contractors Injured in a Struck-by Accident in Queens

Five contractors were involved in a worksite accident in Queens on Monday when a rebar cage fell on them. According to 1010 Wins News, the contractors were at a Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) site in Woodside at 37th Ave. and 48th St. DEP officials reported one contractor was seriously injured by the rebar cage, while the other four were treated for minor injuries. 

Investigations are currently underway to determine the cause of the cage fall. The Department of Buildings, typically in charge of these investigations, will not inspect the site as it is “out of their jurisdiction.” 

Struck-By Injuries in Construction 

Falling objects are classified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as Struck-By injuries, one of the Fatal Four accidents in construction. Struck-by injuries are the second leading cause of construction fatality in the industry and can also include flying objects, swinging objects, and rolling objects.

Struck-by injuries from falling objects can include tools, materials, machinery, and suspended loads. Because these accidents often involve objects falling from elevated heights, injuries can be severe and life-threatening, resulting in damages including: 

*Featured Image Credit: 1010 Wins News (https://www.audacy.com/1010wins/news/local/contractor-seriously-hurt-after-accident-at-queens-construction-site)

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