2 women die in fatal accident in New York

2 women die in fatal accident in New York

Discovering that a beloved family member has been killed in a fatal accident can naturally leave those who are left behind wondering how such a troubling incident could happen. These individuals may even feel outrage toward the person who caused the fatal accident in New York. In this type of situation, the loved ones of the deceased victim have the right to seek reimbursement of monetary damages associated with the crash.

This situation is familiar to the family members of two individuals who recently died in a car accident. A woman was driving east in the lanes going west, according to police. She then slammed her vehicle into a vehicle driven by another woman.

According to authorities, the Twitter page of the woman who reportedly caused this collision featured pictures of marijuana as well as the phrase “2 drunk 2 care” along with other phrases. However, family members claimed that this Twitter page was not really their loved one’s page. The driver and a female passenger in the vehicle that was struck in this two-vehicle collision ended up dying in the car crash.

The families of the two women who were killed in the fatal accident in New York can rightfully sue the driver who reportedly caused the collision. If it is verified that the driver indeed was under the influence of marijuana at the time of the crash, evidence of this might be used to prove liability in a civil court case. Financial restitution from a case that is successfully litigated may be used to cover costs that are linked to the wreck and are recognized under state law, such as funeral and burial expenses as well as pain and suffering.

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